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March 25, 2008


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Kristi Grigsby

You've so beautifully captured my own 'list of virtues' that I'm having to overcome in this brave new world! So thanks for putting those thoughts out there and allowing the trusted connections to occur.

As a company, we are heading down this same path - and I can attest that you are absolutely right. Replacing the canned marketing messages with the 'real' us, whether in the form of content or ideas, is much more effective (not to mention a lot more fun!).

Rachel Happe

Thanks for stopping by Kristi - I am finding many examples (including my own) of people who theoretically understand the importance of social media but don't *really* get it until they participate - and it suddenly can completely change a person's (or an organization's) mind about how powerful it is to participate.

Chris Brogan...

I think that business has turned personal for lots of us, and that these tools allow for a much richer experience for building presence. That presence isn't an immediate business value, but once we get into the "wanting to know who we're doing business with" phase, it's amazing how much more you can do, if you already know something about the person within a company.

Just one way that these tools help us build relationships across the fence BEFORE we need a business partner.

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