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Tim Schlotfeldt

Hi Rachel,

thanks for your great list. For me as a german-based e-learning consultant this could be really helpful. I set up a wiki page with it at my e-learning-wiki:

I hope this is okay for you.


Rachel Happe

Hi Tim -

Thanks for stopping by and adding these to a wiki - would love to see what the German crowd comes up with to add to this list!

Cheers -


Hans Henrik Heming

Hi Rachel

This is indeed a very interesting discussion.

On a personal note I don't believe that everything can - or should - be measured.

I work as a Managing Partner in Wemind - a Danish consultant company coping with complexity, change and innovation problems. We use web2.0 tools a lot in our daily work :-)

When saying that not everything should be measured. I in fact believe, that not everything can be measured. Companies of today navigates in at complex world, not a complicated one. In a complicated world everything can be explained, as long you crunch the numbers long enough. That is not the case in a complex world.....

I think network theory, social dynamics and complexity needs something completely different as metrics - a hole new mindset.

The need for metrics is where we HAVE to explain higher output than a given input, and I must admit that we also in Wemind try to prove that simple equation. Why? Because top management still doesn't understand!

Two of my collegues have written a whitepaper on Social Capital which I believe fits the discussion - you can download a English version on one of our international weblogs - cph127:

All the best

Rachel Happe

Hi Hans -

Thanks for the interesting comments - I think you have identified a important issue: at one level social interactions are impossible to quantify. However, business need to decide where to make investments and those who do this in a complex world - and use metrics appropriately - use them as one guide to understand what is working and what is not...but metrics without understanding of complexity and context is not very useful.

Thanks for the link as well!



How about putting the "L" in the Lifetime Value of the Customer?

Thanks for the great list!


This is def. a great jumping start for social media metrics. Thanks for taking the time to share with the rest of us. I'm saving this to =)


Cosmin Ghiu


Great list. its been dugg.

Marc Meyer

Rachel, your background has some similarities with mine. Perhaps it might be our affinity to music and the music industry, in which I wrote a social media/song download business plan for back in 2000; and had previously created one of the first music review sites. But I digress, your post on SM Metrics is very complete and I'm going to share it with my readers on my site. Good to see we have some of the same people in common as well on Peeps to know!


Tom O'Brien

How about this one - Brand Advocacy - Online Promoter Score:



Rachel Happe

Thanks for the great comments and additions - and for the Digg!

I believe that the 'Online promoter score' and the 'Net promoter score' metrics are the same but please illuminate if not!

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